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About Us

Baby Rocket is the brainchild of guitarist Clay Rehm and keyboardist Gina Milani.  The collaboration came about when the two were eager to form a band that played for entertainment and creativity in an atmosphere that really created a show for the people who attended.  The search for just the right fit came along when drummer Ken “Mr. Banter” Anderson joined the group.  

Since its conception in 2006, Baby Rocket has rocked southern Wisconsin, all the way down the Mississippi river and even Jamaica.  The three players come from varying backgrounds that when together produce an offbeat twist to the classic rock and roll style.  

When you come to see Baby Rocket, plan on a show that makes you want to get up and move with the music from both their originals to the unique cover sounds that are being played.  Baby Rocket is based in Madison, Wisconsin.

The current lineup includes Clay on vocals and guitar, Gina Milani on keyboards, Ken Anderson on drums and banter, and various local musicians fill in on bass and backing vocals.

Depending on the venue, Baby Rocket will perform as a 4 piece band or as a 'Baby Rocket Unplugged' show with acoustic guitars and cocktail drums.  On some of our shows, we have special guests fill in.